8 Best Janome Sewing Machines: Pros, Cons, Hot Deals

, one of the most known sewing machine brands, creating the products so loved in the United States and the western world, is actually Japanese. And don’t be worried when you hear that some of your friends purchased one of Janome’s creations and spotted “Made in Taiwan” stamp.

The brand runs its production factories in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

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It was founded almost a hundred years ago in 1921 and first called The Pine Sewing Machine factory. But it changed the name and the vision in 1935. That was the time when traditional long shuttle systems were replaced with the round bobbin ones. Translated from Japanese “Janome” means “snake’s eye”. And new name appeared because of bobbin’s design resemblance to the reptiles’ orbs.

Janome was always striving for innovations. They even created a company’s own researching facility in 1964. And that’s when true magic started to happen. In 1971 they became the first company in the world who launch the sewing machine with both computerized and programmable functionalities.  In 1979 they gave the first ever computerized sewing machine meant for home-based use and they never stopped to innovate.

At the moment it’s one of the most respected and loved brands amongst amateur and professional seamstress. Janome sewing machines are reliable, affordable, comes with an immense number of features and 25-years warranty. The only downside is the range of buying options. How to make the right choice?
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Let’s try to figure out the best Janome sewing machine perfect for you

Here’s how we compared sewing machines

  • We’ve analyzed the selection of most popular Janome sewing machines that are sold on Amazon.com and selected 40+ of the best-rated units.  
  • We’ve scrutinized the shortlist based on the design, users’ reviews and feedback, functionalities and more. 
  • The final list of the best Janome sewing machines was categorized based on the crucial machines’ features: whether its quilting functionality, portability or else. 

Compare the best Janome sewing machines:

For your convenience, you can access all the major data points describing each sewing machine in the rating in one table below.

ModelWeight, PPriceStitchesH.DutyEasySYS Score
Janome 807724.2$$30YY9.2
Janome 731817.5$$18YY7.8
Janome 1351214$-$$$15Y Y7.8
Janome 221215.15$$12YY9.2
Janome DC305019.5$$$50YY9.8
Janome Lady Lilac5$10NY7.2
Janome HD300023$$$18YY9.7
Janome Pink Sorbet12$15NY9.2

And now let’s dive deeper and learn more about Janome units in each category:

Best Janome sewing machine: editors’ choice

Janome 8077

It’s a perfect sewing machine for beginners. But at the same time, the savvy tailors will appreciate all its functionalities. Janome 8077’s 7 Feed Teeth Box Feeding System guarantees better feeding: from the thinnest fabrics to the dense ones. 

You can check more specifications about this model

This computerized sewing machine boasts with lots of sewer friendly characteristics, including the selection of 30 thoroughly thought out stitches, the LED screen for a quick and simple view of stitch parameters and the automatic needle threader (just pull down the needle threader, place the thread in the hook and in front of the needle, draw back and it’s done!).


The precision force dial allows you to set and keep the tension, which makes sewing delightful. There are plenty of control buttons – reverse sewing, pattern stop, needle up and down and more – all making the work fun.


And the wide range of accessories that are included when you are buying this Janome sewing machine (e.g. zipper foot, stitch foot, bobbins, spool caps, needles, seam ripper, and much more) makes the purchase super practical.

Janome 8077 manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • Comes with a nice heavy metal foot pedal
  • Needly up-down – no more moving fabric!
  • Automatic needle threader – adjust your stitches with the touch of a button
  • Manual thread cutter
  • LED screen to select the stitch (the choice of 30 built-in sewing stitches)
  • A superior feeding system and drop feed capable
  • Auto-lock on basic stitches – don’t worry about backstitching!
  • Drop-in bobbin with clear cover: so easy to insert and you can now see when you are about to run out of the thread. 

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Top Rated Janome Sewing Machine

Janome 2212

It’s a quality entry-level model offered at a fantastic price and a pretty packed bonus bundle included.  This machine performs all the basic functions of any standard sewing machine and it does them extremely well. 

Overall Janomes are very dependable, sturdy workhorses that keep going for years. But this model in particular, even in spite of its more than affordable price stitches out and behaves exactly like big machines – very smooth and precise. There’s definitely no reduction in quality with the reduction in size/weight/cost.

You can check more specifications about this model

Janome 2212 manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • Bonus Bundle Includes: Pack of 10 Janome Bobbins, Size 14 Needles
    12 built-in stitches including a four-step buttonhole and zig-zag stitch
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed that makes the machine versatile for all types of sewing
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

All-time favorite Janome quilting machine

Janome Magnolia 7318

Your little workhorse. This is a sound machine for a new sewer.  It might take a little to adjust to the non-automatic features, but the quality of your stitches and production will become so much better!

It’s a nice reliable machine, heavy enough, so it doesn’t bounce while sewing and the presser foot lifts extra high to pass the thick fabrics to go underneath.

You can check more specifications about this model

Janome 7318 manual:

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • 18 stitches, including the 4 step buttonhole with balance adjuster for precise results on specialty fabrics
  • Top loading jam proof bobbin system
  • 7-piece feed dog which ensures precision fabric control
  • Bonus Kit Includes 1/4″ Seam Foot & 10 Pack Bobbins

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Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine

Janome 13512

It is a great machine for someone who is just starting out or anyone who wants a machine that can take any of their basic sewing requests. Nothing complicated about it, nice to look at, performs hard and fast.

However, nowadays it’s become a rarity. Once upon a time, it was one of the most affordable Janome basic machines and now it’s sort of collectible. Hence the price.

This machine has all the basics functionalities and it’s sturdily made. It also appears to be built to take on more “complex” functions when the proper accessories are purchased. This is a full-sized machine, so not only great for kids!

You can check more specifications about this model

Janome 13512 manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • 15 Stitches
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Vertical Oscillating Hook Bobbin System
  • Internal Aluminum Frame- Capable of Heavy Duty Sewing
  • Left and Center Needle Position

Best Janome computerized sewing machine

Janome DC3050 

This machine does not only has the ability to sewing the solid quilt, but it’s also delicate enough to sew the fragile curtain without dropping a stitch. And it’s small enough that you can quickly take it to class or meetings.

Easy to use. Has a great feed system for your fabric. All of the 50 stitch designs and very easy and you can also adjust the speed of how slow or fast the machine operates. The stitch designs are both easy to use and adjust as well as practical and look great.

Add individual flair to your house with this machine. It can take on any sewing or home decor project.  Its computerized accuracy makes sewing drapes, slipcovers, pillows, comforters, or other items a breeze. Picking and configuring stitches is simple with the large LED display.

You can check more specifications about this model

Janome DC3050 manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • 50 stitches, including 3 buttonholes, 6 Satin Decorative stitches, 24 Heirloom stitches, bi-directional blanket stitch
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Memorized needle stop up/down button
  • Jam Proof, Magnetic, Top Loading, Full Rotary Bobbin System
  • Superior Feed System assists in delivering unsurpassed stitch quality

Most loved Janome portable sewing machine

Janome Lady Lilac

Portable, compact sewing machine. Ideal for beginners, changes, and sewing on the go.  It comes with lots of essential accessories, super lightweight and great for its price.

That is an electric-powered mechanical sewing machine that is simple to thread, ten stitches, with an on\off one-speed foot pedal, compact machine, lightweight at five pounds and relatively quiet. Goes with two needles and three bobbins, which are usual Janome clear plastic bobbins, and ONLY uses size #14 (90) needles.

You can check more specifications about this model

Janome Lady Lilac manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • 12 Built-In Stitches including straight, zigzag, crescent with two needle positions
  • Free Arm
  • Accessory Storage
  • Easy Reverse
  • Threading Diagrams & Top Drop-In Bobbin with clear cover makes for easy set-up
  • Presser Foot with Finger Guard protects little fingers
  • Only weights 5 pounds

Best-valued Janome heavy duty sewing machine

Janome HD3000

The Janome HD3000 is not computerized, but mechanical; it sews so quickly, it’s super uncomplicated to use, It is incredible! It can go over multiple layers of material with efficiency.

Unless you have particular needs, this machine has everything you will ever require. It is able of heavy-duty sewing, but it also manages delicate work. The 18 stitch range provided by this machine is more than most of the seamstress will ever use.

You can check more specifications about this model

Janome HD3000 manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • 18 Stitches
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Push-pull bobbin winder
  • Free Arm
  • Reverse stitching
  • Extra high presser foot left

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The most affordable Janome sewing machine (best value for money)

Janome Pink Sorbet

This lively sewing machine also has a built-in bobbin loading guide, 15 most popular built-in stitches, adjustable stitch length, a four-step buttonhole, and a front-loading bobbin system.  

Wonderful starters’ machine for anyone with as little as no knowledge. You can follow the guidance and learn how to sew.  It’ll plausibly be faster if you have someone there to lead you, but this machine with its directions makes it super smooth.  

Don’t allow the fun hues trick you; this full-sized sewing machine also has internal heavy-duty metal support,  four presser feet, and dual retractable spool pins. It’s versatile so that you can work on some exciting projects including home décor, garment sewing, quilting, and even heirloom designs with comfort!

You can check more specifications about this model

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Janome Pink Sorbet manual: 

Download User’s guide (PDF)


  • Front-Loading Bobbin System
  • Heavy Duty Interior Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & ZigZag Width
  • Reverse Lever
  • Darning Plate
  • 3-Piece Feed Dog System
  • Removable Free Arm
  • Goes with  4 Presser Feet, Beginner Accessories, easy-to-follow Instructional Manual, 25-Year Limited Warranty

Janome sewing machines prices and deals

in stock
4 used from $94.79
as of May 24, 2024 3:46 pm
in stock
7 new from $199.00
as of May 24, 2024 3:46 pm
in stock
12 new from $489.00
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