Everything You Need to Know About Long Dare Darning Needles

Suppose you’re not a crafter or a newbie, for that matter. In that case, you could be surprised to find a box of crafting supplies with various needles of various sizes and thicknesses. This may startle you, asking, “Do all these different sizes of needles really matter?” Oh Yes! They certainly do.

Crafting becomes even more pleasurable when you have a variety of different crafting instruments, such as needles, and a thorough understanding of how to utilize them.

A Long Dare Darning Needle is one of the many crafting needles that are used by pro crafters for many craft projects. These long darning needles are slightly larger in size and general structure than standard needles. They are primarily designed to be used for quilting and basting etc. 

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What is a long darning needle?

Darner Needles or long darning sewing needles are often called Basting needles. These are extra-long sewing needles that are commonly employed in large craft projects like quilting and basting. Crafters, especially quilters, frequently use these extra-long hand sewing needles to join and sew together multiple pieces of fabric.

Sharp tips and enlarged eyeballs are part of the design. The needle’s long eyes allow artisans to feed yarn or many layers of thick thread through without fraying or breaking them, resulting in an exquisite piece of work.

Are darning needles the same as yarn needles?

Yarn needles, also known as tapestry needles, are nearly identical to darner needles, which is the reason why we can’t prefer one over the other. It’s only that some people refer to it as a tapestry needle and others as a darning needle. Both feature expanded eyes to aid in the passage of thick yarn.

However, the one difference we discovered is that darning needles and knitting needles are somewhat different in size. Darning needles are larger than yarn needles, and that’s all there is. Depending on your preference and the nature of your craft project, you can use either.

What are Long dares darning needles used for?

Long dare darning needles typically serve the same purpose as yarn needles. Speaking of which, these needles are used for mending and darning purposes to give the final product a sharp and neat look. 

Besides, cotton or thick yarn or multiple threads are used depending on the nature of the craft project. 

Apart from that, long dare darning needles also come in handy when it comes to basting huge quilts. These are used for sewing through multiple layers of thick and sturdy fabric. The knitted pieces are sewn together with such delicacy and neatness that you might not achieve with a regular needle. 

Moreover, apart from knitted or crocheted pieces, you can also long dare darning needles for stitching along seams that cross each other. 

But that’s not just it. Long dare darning needles can also be used to weave in ends so that you can easily avoid frayed edges or loose threads. 

What gauge are darner needles?

If you want the desired result with your crafting project, paying heed to the needle size that’s right for your particular project is key. Choosing the right needle size will make you fall in love with your craft piece and vice versa. 

Speaking of which, long dare darner needles are hand sewing needles that come with extra length and elongated threading eyes. 

The gauge of a long dare darning needle starts from size 1, progresses to 9, and can be used according to your craft’s demand. 

Long dares darning needles sizes

Long dares darning needles come in a variety of sizes, with each needle given a different number. These numbers can be used to estimate the needle’s size. Below is a detailed list of the sizes of long dare darning needles to help you decide which needle suits your project best. 

  • Size 1 75mm length x 1.02mm diameter
  • Size 3 70mm length x 0.86mm diameter
  • Size 5 64mm length x 0.76mm diameter
  • Size 7 58mm length x 0.69mm diameter x 6 needles
  • Size 9 52mm length x 0.61mm diameter x 6 needles

Best projects to use darner needle

When it comes to stitching knitted or crocheted goods together, long darning needles are considered the best option out there. This may lead you to believe that these needles are only suitable for knitting sweaters. However, this is not the case.

Apart from sweaters, you can also use these needles in the soft furnishing and curtain trades. Not to mention the Afghans, bedspreads, blankets, and throws used with the help of long darners. Small square knitted or crocheted pieces or motifs are put together and used as a decoration on the back of chairs, couches, and other furniture.

Credits: photos by Canva

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