brother pe770 review

Brother PE770 Review: Affordable Start for Your Long-Term Embroidery Journey

Suppose you’re searching for a durable embroidery machine with built-in memory. In that case, your search is over because the Brother PE770 is one of the best machines for embroidery out there. (Not to mention that it beat any embroidery pen you might think of). And it even comes with the larger (5″ x 7″) embroidery area, which makes it stand out from many other machines within the same price range. But let’s analyze what else this machine has to offer.

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Brother PE770 review 

Brother PE770 embroidery machine is very easy to set up. Thanks to the on-screen help button with drawings of a step-to-step guide on winding your bobbin, thread your machine, put on the hoop, and start it.

Its 5″ x 7″ embroidery field affords you the flexibility to stitch larger designs appropriate for jackets, bags, and home decor items. And even have more space to combine and rotate designs, lettering, frames, and borders, which paves the way for truly one-of-a-kind creations.

With over 136 in-built decorative designs, you get to choose what works best for you. Even better is the built-in memory that makes it possible to import custom designs from your USB memory stick. You can even save these designs on your machine for future use. However, note that the device has limited processing power, so make sure to import only a few files at a time.

Brother PE770 also includes multiple editing functions accessible through the LCD touchscreen. You can rotate, mirror-image, increase, and decrease the designs’ size and see how your edits look like on the large 2.7 x 1.4 backlit LCD before you start stitching. 

You should note that the thread you use with Brother PE770 can be the decisive factor between a frustrating and great experience. Make sure you do not use cheap threads. In addition to that, change your needles regularly and learn to pair stabilizers to the material. If you do all of this, then you’re assured of an incredible experience with Brother PE770.

Main features

  •  5″ x 7″ hoop size 
  • 136 built-in designs
  • 6 lettering fonts for basic monogramming 
  • Backlit LCD touch screen display
  • Easy design import with USB
  •  Automatic needle threader
  • Quick-set bobbin
  • Robust design editing features
  • Quick-set bobbin
  • Auto thread trimmer
  • 26.95 pounds

Brother PE770. SYS rating, pros, and cons

brother pe770 pros and cons

Brother PE770 manual 

You can download the full manual here.

Video guidelines

Brother PE770. FAQ and Troubleshooting

How to thread Brother PE770?

How to wind a bobbin on Brother PE770?

Brother PE770 accessories

This machine comes with all the essential accessories you might need to start your journey with embroidery. Although you’ll have to buy some extras. E.g., stabilizer (I love option) and embroidery threads. You can get a giant pack of colors in bulk, and don’t worry about it for a long time (check set, for instance). 

But for the most part, you’ll be covered by accessories that are coming within the box.   

So you’ll get a large embroidery hoop (5 “x7”), embroidery arm, foot, and tons of built-in designs. The box also comes with the dust cover and some basic accessories like cleaning brush, needles, seam ripper, bobbins, etc. 

Is Brother PE770 really a good one? Our verdict 

This machine is super easy to use, flexible, and perfectly suited to fill your embroidery needs. It features multiple built-in designs, and you can even import more, opening up the possibility for limitless design options. With the added flexibility to re-size and position designs wherever you want, it’s hard not to fall in love with this machine.

It’s super easy to set up, and the directions are well-articulated. The automatic threader is a timesaver. With a warranty of 25 years and a product lifetime free support, Brother PE770 is your perfect choice for an embroidery machine without having to break the bank. And it also ensures that you have room to grow (if you are a newbie) and exercise your creativity (in case you are a pro). 

Credits: photos by Canva

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