Juki DU-1181N Review: Full FAQ on Cost-Effective and Heavy-Duty Sewing

Juki DU-1181N is a true industrial sewing warrior that comes with a very attractive price tag. It’s a straight stitch, single-needle, top, and bottom feed machine that can efficiently work with a wide array of materials, ranging from delicate lace to vinyl. So if you are an experienced seamstress looking for a trooper that will bring your working efficiency to the new level, keep reading. You might have found a winner here. 

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Juki DU-1181N review 

Mostly, Juki DU-1181N is a reliable, cost-effective, and heavy-duty sewing device great for professionals.

It can work practically with anything you throw at it with an astonishing speed of up to 2,000 stitches per minute. There is just a simple trick you need to keep in mind when switching from lighter to heavier materials: always remember to modify the position of the take-up lever screw on the front of the machine. In this way, you will prevent material damage and achieve the most impressive results. 

What is even more interesting about this Juki model is its speed-adjustment dial on the motor. You will find it useful since it is one of the most reliable servo features in this product range. And to tell you my secret, I opt for slowing it down when I use heavy fabrics.

The downside is that it is a bit heavier. weighs 250 pounds, meaning that you can’t set it up without help. You should know that the machine comes disassembled, so you will have to spend some time putting everything together.

Still, if you are ready for this and also willing to spend some time learning how to operate it, the unit can be a perfect match even for beginners. It is a versatile device designed to last for years to come. So, you can look at it as a solid long-term investment.

Main features

  • Sewing speed up to 2,000 stitches per minute
  • Stitch length up to 9mm
  • It measures 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches 
  • 110v with industrial clutch motor
  • Weights 250 pounds

Juki DU-1181N. SYS rating, pros, and cons

Juki DU-1181N rating

Juki DU-1181N manual 

You can download the full manual here.

Video guidelines

Juki DU-1181N. FAQ and Troubleshooting

How to thread Juki DU-1181N?

How to adjust the pressure on Juki DU-1181N?

How to oil this machine?

How to sew fabrics of different thicknesses on Juki DU-1181N?

Juki DU-1181N accessories

This model comes as a complete unit. It’s sold with the machine head, motor, stand, table, sewing light, drawer, and anything else necessary to get you started.  

Is Juki DU-1181N really a good one? Our verdict 

Even though it’s a bit bulky, it is an excellent addition to any proud seamstress household. And you will see that it offers plenty of settings you can use, along with professional results. I admit the learning curve can be a downside for many. Still, if you love sewing, you will most likely enjoy spending some time learning about this Juki model anyways.

 It is an excellent machine for leather products, upholstery, light fabrics, belts, or anything else you might have in mind. 

And the best part about it is that you can use the included energy-saving speed with the silent motor. The manufacturer says it can save you up to 230% electricity when compared with other sewing machines. And along with the lower electricity bills, you get stellar stitches and crazy high sewing efficiency. What else might you ask for? 

Credits: photos by Canva

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