Best Sewing Scissors: How to Choose Your Perfect Pair?

Fabric scissors or shears, as they are more commonly referred to, are the primary tools used to cut the fabric. Heavy materials, such as leather and denim, are easier to cut using shears with longer handles or sharper blades. The better your scissors, the more effective your sewing process. And that isn’t an exaggeration. 

If you’re willing to learn all the nitty-gritty of choosing the right sewing scissors, read on. 

If you are in a hurry, my top choice of best sewing scissors are one by Scissor-tailed. I love it because this carbon steel pair is comfortable to handle, very precise, and come super sharp. (And also stay like that if you take care of them.) And they arrive with a gift – free Xacto knife.

After reading this post, you can know more than your average sales associate in your local sewing and craft store.

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Compare best sewing scissors 

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What is the difference between fabric scissors and regular scissors?

Cutting fabric (and hair, etc.)-requires very sharp scissors because the fibers bend and slip away from the blades too quickly. (Always tried to cut a hair lock?) But the scissors used-mainly for cutting paper don’t need to be sharp. Even-kiddie scissors are good on just about everything.

As compared to standard scissors, the most distinctive characteristic of dressmaking scissors is the angle of the handle. The side bend helps you to cut along the table surface without raising the fabric, offering a more precise cut. Traditionally, all-metal shears were more common, but since technology has advanced, you can see plastic handles too. So the scissors are getting lighter and more convenient to use.

Fabric scissors are more expensive than paper scissors for a good reason. They’re going to last a long time before you want to sharpen them again, and they’re going to cut everything perfectly clean with no jagged edges. If you’re a fashion designer, quilter, or creator of some other kind that works a lot with fabric, then investing in good fabric shears is worth it.

Sewing scissors types

There are different types of sewing scissors, and I will try to cover the most popular ones: 

Embroidery scissors 

The embroidery scissors have a thin, sharp tip that is recommended for precise and secure cutting of threads at the bottom of the embroidery. Those are usually small in size and have a length of between 3-6 inches.

Some will have a curved tip, perfect for getting rid of a thread in the center of your design, and others are straight, also suitable for a close-up trim.

Specialty Sewing

Scissors Specialty scissors have distinctive features compared to the regular scissors. For instance, left-handed scissors intended for left-handed sewers.

Rotary cutter 

A rotary cutter is typically used for quilting and is connected to a rotary sheet. It is flexible and can be used to cut a lot of materials such as cloth or leather. You can cut layers and layers of fabrics with it.

Heavy Duty Shears

 This can be used to cut heavy-duty fabrics or the hardest materials without slipping away from your fingertips. It’s perfect even for carpets or upholstery.

Pinking scissors

 These saw-toothed scissors create a zig-zag pattern on the side of the fabric after cutting. Also used to reduce the seam edges to prevent them from unraveling. You may use this in trimming the edges of your fabric before cleaning them to avoid undue friction.

What is the best brand of sewing scissors?

Several well-known brands are considered to be the gold sewing standard. Nonetheless, many new and emerging brands may not be as popular, but offer the highest quality product and customer service. Since they are trying to build that confidence and awareness. 

If we talk about “classic” Fiskars, it’s probably one of the most famous scissors. This company sell everything from very cheap models to high-end models with all the bells and whistles.

They will be able to supply all your scissor needs, from embroidery to appliqueing. And in the case of Fiskars, the cost will tell you a lot about the quality.

How to Sharpen Scissors with a Sharpening Stone?

Never cut anything other than fabric with your sewing scissors. Paper or anything else will dull the blades in no time.

And in a situation, you should always keep your scissors away from people who might not use them properly. This will shield them from harm as well. Yet even though you take good care of your tools, the time will come to sharpen them. 

And even if your best bet is to sharpen it with the help of professionals, you can always try the sharpening stone method. 

Note that the sharpest stones have two sides: a rough one and a delicate one. Depending on how dull your scissors are, you can need to start with the rough side before utilizing the finer that works for small details and finishing.

You need to begin the process by separating the blades of your scissors by unscrewing it.

Then position the beveled or sloping edge of one blade so that it lay flat on the surface of the sharpening stone. Holding the bottom edge of the blade, slip it over the stone from the base to the tip, making sure it remains flat all the time.

Repeat until the blade is adequately sharp. And then follow the same routine with the other edge.

You can also check this video guide for further guidelines:

How to choose Best Sewing Scissors?

Cut quality and material

 A pair of dressmaking scissors could be with you for life if you make a smart purchase and take care of them appropriately. The first thing to search for is a pair that can cut the fibers cleanly instead of chewing their way through.

You also want shears that will grasp the fabric rather than move it away from the edge, as this can result in sloppy cutting and skewed patterns. In most situations, stainless steel blades are going to do the trick. They have a reliable, durable edge life and provide an outstanding, seamless cutting experience.

Search for a more extended guarantee, too, to make sure the pair will last. Carbon steel is generally recognized as an even better option. Nonetheless, these often come with a higher price tag. 

Left or right hand

Many shears are made for right or left-hand sewers. If you’re a leftie, it’s best to buy shears built specifically for left-hand sewers. 


Comfort is crucial. Nowadays, many versions are available with wider finger loops and convenient grip handles.


Purchase the best tool to accomplish the job at hand. For fine detailed work, you will have success with smaller, fine-tuned scissors, best known as “embroidery scissors.” Use 8″ or longer scissors to cut several layers or heavy fabrics. To cut fabric and patchwork, you’re going to be better with something in the 7 “range.   


A variety of price tags also comes with a variety of options. Don’t try to save as much on this purchase as you can. After all, high-quality sewing scissors are those with the longest warranty and can serve you for years, and often you won’t even need to sharpen them. So aim for a healthy balance between quality and price. And I hope this guide is going to be a great help on that.

Best embroidery scissors

Compact, robust & high quality. These made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure that you’ll get durable, anti-rust, sturdy, but also lightweight scissors. So that you can easily carry them around. This model also has a super comfortable handle. And vintage style adds charm, too. You can’t beat the price, too. Overall, excellent, incredibly sharp little scissors that are ideal for your embroidery.

Best sewing shears

It’s awesome to know how simple and enjoyable a job is rendered with the right tool. And that’s precisely the case with the shears. They are made of premium high carbon steel, the best possible material for skilled sewing scissors. The price is the only flow in case of this material, but fortunately, this particular model is an excellent compromise.

They’re a bit heavy, but they’re still comfortable. And most importantly, outstanding craftsmanship guarantees effortless cuts every time, even through multiple layers, while holding the razor-sharp for years to come.

Cheap and good sewing scissors

Super sharp, all-purpose scissors. They can easily cut through more than 16 layers of fabrics. They’re pretty much perfect for sewing, tailoring, quilting, dressmaking, cutting patterns, alterations, and whatever other work you want to do. Considering the price, these sewing scissors are a real steal.

Best small curved scissors

They’re perfect for snipping small, hard-to-reach areas, poking through clothing, cutting tiny, tight threads, and even making buttonholes. Curved blades should shield your designs from being snagged. So all your delicate parts, whether they’re appliqued or embroidered, will be saved. 

Quite convenient and easy to use small (only 4 inches) scissors.

Professional fabric scissors

These is excellent scissors that can be very handy for any of your crafting projects. It’s an 8-inch pair of tightened fabric scissors. The scissors have fine teeth to keep the fabric in place, and the serrated blade has a robust pivot that guarantees a precise and stable cutting action while being comfortable. A reliable tool that works just fine, whether you’re up for sewing, quilting, or appliqueing.

Sewing scissors for arthritic hands

Such 10-inch scissors are perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials, including jeans, silk, and multiple layers of cloth. The spring movement opens the blades after each stroke, significantly reducing the pressure on your fingers and thumb.

Not to mention that they are very sharp, and they cut multiple layers of fabric quickly and cleanly. And the cherry on top: they even have a design award from the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use for people with arthritis or reduced hand strength.

Left-handed sewing scissors

Some scissors claim to be ideal for both left-and right-handed seamstress. But if you are left-handed, you should always opt-in for devices explicitly designed with your needs in mind. This tool is a perfect example. All-purpose left-hand sewing scissors that can be used for cutting the fabric, leather, and any soft/raw materials.

They are super high quality and made of high carbon steel that guarantees that your blades will stay super sharp longer. They have a weight to them, but still adds to the comfort. But the best part of these scissors is that they cut the fabric like butter.

Best sewing scissors for small hands 

These are very small (4-1/2-inch) sharp and accurate scissors that will fit any miniature hand perfectly. Sometimes when it comes to smaller scissors, the handle holes are still too large or too small. In this case, these are most likely to be a great fit.

They also feature rubberized handles for enhanced comfort. And it’s going to cut whatever you want without missing a beat thanks to the nanotip for detailed work.

Best sewing scissors: our top choice

Simply brilliant, almost all-purpose 9-inch long scissors. They will work for sewing, tailoring, dressmaking, quilting, embroidery, cutting patterns, upholstery, and whatever else you have in mind. These scissors are comfortable to handle, very precise, and come super sharp. (And also stay like that if you take care of them.) The pair comes in quality packaging with the bonus Xacto knife.

On top of that, they are made of high-quality carbon steel, but still very reasonably priced. Beautiful, high-quality, comfortable, and functional. Dream sewing tool.

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