Brother PE525: Pros & Cons, Troubleshooting, Fair Rating

For over 100 years, Brother has been making sewing machines. This company releases new machines time after time, challenging them to improve every model with the new release. With Brother PE525, the company is appealing to the embroidery community by offering an easy and straightforward way to create new impeccable designs.

Even though this model has been discontinued, it’s still available for purchasing and very well worth considering if you want to have anything to do with embroidery. 

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Brother PE525 machine review 

Like most company’s products, Brother PE525 is sturdy, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing with a modern look that most users like. This machine is also loaded with useful features.

This machine is designed purely for embroidery tasks and nothing else. It does not perform any regular sewing functions. 

What it does have is computer connectivity, five different font styles for lettering, and 70 pre-installed embroidery designs to get even beginners to create great embroidery designs.

Using your computer, you can import thousands of designs that are available online as long as those are in a .pes file format. Importing those from the computer takes very little time or effort. All creatives can be rotated 1, 10, and 90 degrees to make the embroidery process easier.

This embroidery machine comes with a 2.7″ by 1.4-inch backlit LCD display for easy viewing of your work. There is also a bilingual user manual, a 25-year limited warranty, and free telephone technical support.

The PE525 is definitely an excellent machine for beginners to start and learn on. However, it is also a fantastic option for experienced embroiderers since it has some advanced features and settings. 

Main features

  • Embroidery-only model 
  • 4 x 4-inch embroidery area
  • Backlit touch screen LCD 2.7 x 1.4 inches display to access and edit built-in designs view tutorials and more
  • 70 built-in embroidery designs 
  • 5 lettering fonts for basic monogramming
  • Computer connectivity for easy embroidery designs import
  • Jam resistant drop-in top bobbin
  • The advanced needle threading system 
  • Bobbin-winding system prepares bobbins quickly

Brother PE525. SYS rating, pros, and cons

Brother PE525. Manual

You can download the full manual here.

Brother PE525. Video guidelines

Brother PE525. FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can you use a larger embroidery hoop with this machine?

Yes, larger hoops can be used with the PE525. However, regardless of your hoop size, the pattern is the same size, so you’ll have to move the hoop around to add other sections to your design and make it larger.

Can you make your own custom designs and embroider them using this machine?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to purchase additional software to produce your own design using photos, clip art, graphics, or your own freehand design. Try googling embroidery software and reading up on what you can do using the different software available. And then choose the ones that are suitable for what you want to create.

My thread keeps tangling and creating bird’s nests. What can I do?

You might try several things. First, make sure that you are using the right thread/needle/fabric combination. Also, it is recommended to use prewound bobbins with cardboard sides. These bobbins are loaded with polyester fill threads at a consistent tension, so you don’t have to readjust your machine every time you change bobbins.

As far as your fabric goes… Depending on the type of material you are using, you might need to use the correct stabilizer (I love option). It will allow the machine to glide over the layers easily without binding or causing friction. If you’ve tried all the advice above, you might have to check up on the unit with the mechanic. 

Can you use this machine to embroider on leather or denim?

Brother PE525 can be used on lightweight vinyl, leather or denim, but you will have to use the right-sized needle. You need a 75/11 needle for regular weight material and a 90/14 needle for heavier fabrics.

Brother PE525 accessories 

This machine comes with quite an impressive amount of extras. The standard list of accessories includes 4X4 embroidery hoop, thread, 3 prewound bobbins, embroidery card, USB cable, touch pin, 4 spool caps, 2 screwdrivers, needle set, seam ripper, scissors, cleaning brush, machine dust cover, and accessory bag.

Is the Brother PE525 a good one? Our Verdict

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable embroidery unit, I am pretty sure you will be impressed with Brother. PE525. It runs at a decent speed and has lots of features and accessories. This is a user-friendly machine you can purchase for a budget-friendly price. It is also lightweight, portable, and perfect for beginners. And it won’t disappoint you as you will progress in embroidery. It will last for years to come meeting your more complex needs.  

Credits: photos by Canva

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